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Gov. Rick Perry – aspiring fiction author’s first book titled “Fed-Up” (FU)


In addition to being a right-wing ideologue, born-again-Christian, and self-righteous Family-values guru, Ricky has proven to be one heck-of-a fiction writer.

His FU book is full of hyperbolic (Bullshit) statements. If Pulitzer awarded a prize for bullshit writing, Ricky would win hands down. I’m here to tell ya that this feller has taken hyperbole to new and yet unseen levels.
Now that Ricky’s FU book is being critiqued by the media, he has found it necessary to engage in some timely flip-flopping. This trip down Hypocrisy lane is necessary due to the asinine statements made by Tricky Dick, I’m sorry I mean Tricky Rick.
In his FU book, Ricky said that Social Security and Medicare were unconstitutional. In his normal cowardly manner, Ricky has now backed off to say these programs need to be fixed so that they’ll be around for future generations.
I’m sure we’ll be witness to many, many more flip-flops from Ricky over the coming months. After all, ya ain’t’ gonna get elected President if ya let it be know ya don’t give a damn about social programs that help seniors. Seriously folks, pissing off the seniors would be a lot worse then writing off the votes of Gays, Mormons, Catholics and Episcopalians and those of their ilk.
It sure is gonna be fun watching Tricky Rick tip-toeing through the tulips so to speak as he renounces one position after another. Yes Indeedy, a Hypocrites Hypocrite!
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