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What did Gov. Rick Perry mean by saying we’d treat him pretty ugly in Texas?


While trolling for votes in Iowa on Monday, Aug 15, 2011, Gov. “Tricky Rick” Perry felt compelled to comment on Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke (BB). Ricky then told the assembled fans:
“If this guy prints more money between now and the election, I don’t know what you all [y’all] would do to him in Iowa [Eye-owe-way], but we would treat him pretty ugly down in Texas.”
As expected, the left-wing, bleeding-heart members of the liberal media, all well-known America and Jesus haters embarked on a crusade to viciously attack Ricky as some kind of right-wing wacko that was supporting a physical attack against a government official.
The left-coasters and those of their ilk clearly do not appreciate what Ricky really meant by “we’d treat him pretty ugly down in Texas.” I know what y’all are thinking! If he didn’t mean that he’d be assaulted, then what in the hell did he mean Dawg?
What Ricky meant “to be treated ugly” in Texas, means to take someone like (a) Angelina Jolie, (b) Halle Berry, (c) Jennifer Lopez, and/or (c) Nicole Kidman and make them as ugly or unattractive as the ladies pictured below.
Now we know exactly what Ricky really meant, right? And he didn’t mean Bernanke would get a good ol’ fashioned ass-whooping if he was in Texas. Therefore, I would hope that the left-wing crazies in the media and the blogosphere will immediately offer their sincerest apologies to Rick.

And lastly, below is what Ben Bernanke would have looked like if rendered "ugly" in Texas by Gov. Rick Perry and/or his cronies.




















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