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Judge Jack Battaglia of Brooklyn; ingrate, greedy, loser

Sadly the New York State Appeals Court presented Jack the Loser with a law license in 1973. Even more upsetting was Jack the Ingrate’s ability to hoodwink the voters into electing him to the bench in 2001.
In late 2007, Jackie claims he slipped on a just-mopped floor in the courthouse and fractured his knee, which required surgery and physical therapy. It wasn’t disclosed if Jack was drunk at the time, which may have been the case.
Jake the Ingrate subsequently filed a notice of claim against the city of Brooklyn. In his hyperbolic (BS) claim, Jack had the chutzpah to accuse the city of “negligently using a mop and bucket and wringer” and of “negligently using a mop and soapy water” to create a “dangerous and hazardous traplike condition.” Obviously, Jackie missed his calling as a standup comedian.
Jackie the Opportunist wasn’t satisfied with the undeserved $137,600 salary he received from New Yorkers every year. This wage is more than Jack the Dufus ever dreamed he’d earn given his intellectual frailties. In fact, Jackie’s weekly salary of $2,637 as at least two times what any self-respecting law firm would offer to pay him.
Jack is an embarrassment to all ethical and hardworking “ambulance chasers” who diligently work to scam deep pocket insurers by pursuing sham and/or inflated claims.
By personally suing the janitor, Jackie has forever cemented his status as an Ethical Leper-con. He may as well have sued the manufacturer of the soap, mop and wringer, a three-fer if ya will.
As we speak (ca. August 20911) Jack the Ingrate continues to sit on the bench as a Supreme Court Justice in Brooklyn. Hopefully the voters will send this certified Loser packing if he has the chutzpah to run for re-election.
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