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Watchdawg’s Letter to Texas Gov. Rick Perry re: “The Response” Sponsors

The following is a verbatim letter sent to Texas Gov. Rick Perry informing him that many of the sponsors and/or co-sponsors of his upcoming “The Response” prayer fest are engaged in the wholesale rape of their followers via bilking them for the costs to purchase books.
The letter is further intended to have Gov. Perry to disavow any association with so-called members of the ministry that find it acceptable to engage in this type of unconscionable conduct.
Email communications will also be made with members of Gov. Perry’s office and/or political operation.
Dave Palmer
The Watchdawg
July 30, 2011
Hon. Rick Perry
Office of the Governor
P.O. Box 12428
Austin, TX 78711-2428
Re: Sponsors of “The Response”
Dear Gov. Perry:
First and foremost Governor, I refuse to involve myself in arguing about the claimed efficacy/superiority of one religion over another. My motto is “If y’all agree not to preach to me, I’ll reciprocate.” Put simply, I don’t care if you’re a practicing Catholic, Muslim, Jew, Pentecostal, Baptist, Hindu, Lutheran, Methodist, Mormon or Buddhist.
Subsequent to your announcement to host a prayer rally in Houston on August 6, some in the media and others have pilloried you as to the stated views and/or conduct of some of the sponsors and/or co-sponsors of this event.
As a result of said criticism, Dallas Morning-News reporter Christy Hoppe wrote on July 18 that you didn’t necessarily subscribe to the extreme beliefs of some of the ministers coming to your prayer summit on August 6 in Houston.
As you know, some of the outrageous statements from some of the sponsors/co-sponsors of The Response are as follows:
1)     Bryan Fischer of American Family Assn said Adolph Hitler began the Nazi party in a gay bar
2)     Rev. John Hagee called the Catholic Church the “Whore of Babylon” and said God used Hitler to have the Jews resettle Israel
3)     Mike Bickle of IHOP described Oprah Winfrey as a “pastor” of the “Harlot Babylon” that’ll be the precursor to the coming of the Antichrist
Obviously Governor I could on and on by reciting the mad-as-a-hatter rants spewed forth by some of these self-anointed dispensers of the gospel and family values.
It is one thing to disavow the rants of these folks that support your anticipated candidacy for the Presidency. I’m sure you’re a firm believer in the old adage “Its not about what you say, It’s about what you do.”
As to what “they do,” many of the sponsors of The Response are engaged in the wholesale bilking of their followers via charging them exorbitant prices for books on their web sites. At the end of this letter you’ll see various URLs regarding the unconscionable conduct of these religious stalwarts, which I would invite you to review. Examples of this disturbing conduct are as follows:
1)     AFA bills $5.00 for Wildmon book costing $0.46 at Amazon
2)     Max Lucado bills $10.00 for book costing $1.17 at Amazon
3)     Eddie Smith bills $14.99 for book costing $2.63 at Amazon
4)     Doug Stringer bills $10.00 for book costing $0.76 at Amazon
5)     James Dobson bills $12.99 for book costing $0.48 at Amazon
6)     Hagee bills $24.00 for book costing $4.50 at Amazon
I’m confident that you are as disturbed about this wholesale rip-off by these avowed dispensers of the gospel. What would the voters think if they discovered that you billed your son Griffin $120 for an 8-week subscription to the Austin American-Statesmen when you only paid $15? Well that’s exactly what these good Christians have done and continue to do Governor.
I’m sure many of these miscreants will claim that these overcharges are spent on ministering to their flock. I would personally demure Governor. I’m not aware that any of these folks live in mobile homes, drive 15-year-old clunkers, and receive public assistance or shop for their clothing at Wal-Mart.
Patently Governor, these folks had an absolute duty to tell their followers that these books could be purchased at Amazon for much less then what they were charging, right? I’m sure you would so act, right?
Some of these claimed family-values Christians are, Cindy Jacobs, Rev. Che Ahn, Alice & Eddie Smith, Doug Stringer, Dr. James Dobson, Max Lucado and Rev. John Hagee just to mention a few.
In regards to this serious matter Governor, I respectfully ask that you make an announcement to the public and any prospective voters that you do not countenance or support this type of behavior. I’m confident that you will feel compelled to so act.
I have taken the liberty of posting this letter on my web site for viewing by the public. It can be found in the category “Dawg Opinions” under the “Main Menu.”
I would also invite you to review the articles exposing this egregious misconduct under the category “Award Winners” on my web site.
I look forward to your prompt response along with your public comment disavowing this type of abhorrent conduct.
Thanks for your time and attention to this matter and I wish you good luck with your future endeavors in regard to running for the Presidency.
Respectfully yours,
Dave Palmer
The Watchdawg
Folsom, CA 95630
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