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Attorney Paul Wieck II of Des Moines; enabler/apologist for Attorney Misfits

Attorney Paul Wieck is the head of Iowa’s so-called Attorney Grievance Commission.
According to a recent story by Lee Rod of the Des Moines Register titled: “Proposed plan would keep lawyer misconduct secret,” Paulie the Enabler said he has asked the Iowa Supreme Court to make several changes on how attorneys are disciplined. (http://tinyurl.com/3dzuo49)
One of Paulie’s recommended changes would allow lawyers the option of consenting to a license suspension when the facts of a case are undisputed; thereby reducing the often lengthy time it takes to prosecution wrongdoing. Forgoing formal proceedings would allow attorneys to keep allegations against them private and would act as incentive to resolve cases, Wieck said. (Des Moines Register, Lee Rod)
Paulie’s hyperbolic (BS) recommendation for even more secrecy doesn’t pass the involuntary laugh test. Clearly, Paulie and his cadre of Attorney Misfit enablers, including those sitting on the Iowa Surpeme Court are much more interested in protecting dishonest/incompetent attorneys than they are in protecting the public from further victimization.
Hopefully the Iowa Bar Association reimbursed Paulie for the costs he incurred in purchasing a pair of industrial strength knee pads while acting as their Chief Apologist.
If corrupt attorneys can merely plead guilty and then secrete their misconduct from public scrutiny or view, then why doesn’t Paulie lobby for the same benefit to be bestowed upon wife beaters and child molesters? Put simply, what’s good for the gooses should be good for the ganders, right?
It is painfully clear that Paulie the Loser's primary concern is to assure that dishonest/incompetent attorneys in Iowa are denied an opportunity to earn a dishonest living.
We should know by the end of August 2011 if the enablers sitting on the Iowa Supreme Court will genuflect in honor of granting permanent secrecy for Attorney Misfits.
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