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Today’s Public Official Misfit is Erie County, PA Councilman Elbert Beeman

Erie County Pennsylvania Councilman Elbert Beeman is a total embarrassment to all hardworking public official misfits who have dedicated their worthless careers to providing useless services to the taxpayers.
Elbert is of the demented opinion that it is acceptable for him to accept a paycheck from the taxpaying public. However, Elbert the Moron actually believes that he is exempt from paying any taxes in any form.
As we speak (ca. July 2011), the Beeman is being prosecuted by the Feds on 8 felony counts of Social Security Fraud, which accuses him of using a fake name to obtain a Social Security number and then using it to apply for three jobs, four credit cards and a car loan during a 3 month period of time in 2006. (Lisa Thompson, Erie Times-News)
An unreliable source indicated that Beeman also used the fake Social Security card to obtain 50% off coupons for future lap dances at Juliet’s Gentleman’s Club located at 2022 W. 8th Street in Erie. Why do they call them Gentleman's Clubs?
Elbert also believes he’s above the law when it comes to complying with local traffic laws. Elbert has received numerous traffic tickers for driving on a suspended license. If convicted of his latest offenses (number 6 and 7), Beeman could face up to six months in the Erie County Prison. Cool!
In a responsive letter to District Judge Tom Robie regarding his latest traffic violations, Elbert said, “I am a living, breathing man who works, earns and creates value on the land known as Erie County, Pennsylvania. In order for a society to be prosperous, it must produce more than it consumes. The documents [traffic tickets] I am returning are an example of unproductive, parasitic consumption.”
In addition to being a scofflaw, Elbert’s attempt at levity is further evidence that he’s a nutcase. Seemingly, Elbert missed his calling as a standup comedian.
When Elbert is sentenced to the Erie County Prison I’m hopeful Judge Tom Robie will order that he be assigned to cell No. 876. This would mean he’d be rooming with Clarice (real name is Clarence), who is reputed to be a really, really friendly kind of feller.
Hey Elbert, take my advice and don’t spew any of your laughable rants when Clarice is in the neighborhood.
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