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When will Michelle Bachman’s husband Marcus come out of the closet?

There can be no doubt that Marcus Bachman is a practicing homophobe who delights in calling gays “barbarians.” Marcus is also a witchcraft aficionado in that he believes that homosexuals can be “re-oriented” and thereby converted into heterosexuals. In addition to being a die-in-the-wool bigot, Marcus is also an aspiring comedian.
If Marcus’ laughable conversion claims were true, then it should work on lying members of congress, right?
When I first viewed Marcus dancing with Michelle and then speaking, it appeared to me that he was a good candidate for coming-out-of-the closet. His voice and mannerisms aren’t likely to get him nominated for the “dominant male” award in 2011, right? 
If “reparative therapy” actually worked, then why didn’t he try his Magic Marcus (M &M) treatments on Reverend Ted Haggard? The reason is because it’s a total sham!
Since my youngest daughter is a producer in Hollywood, I’ve met quite a few of her male co-workers and friends. Unbeknownst to me at the time, many of them were gay. However, these fellers possessed more manly attributes than Marcus exhibits when he’s dancing or speaking.
If anyone is a candidate for “reparative therapy” it’s Marcy, I’m sorry I mean Marcus.
Even though coming out of the closet may hurt Michelle’s run for the Presidency, I’m hopeful that Marcus will do the right thing.
Let’s all cross our legs, I’m sorry I mean our fingers in hopes that Marcus will finally do the right thing.
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