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Ex. Judge Roger P. Elliott of Jamestown, KY: convict, moron, porker

Former Kentucky Gov. Martha Layne Collins made a monumental error when she appointed Roger as a District Court Judge for Adair and Casey counties in 1984. Subsequently, Roger the Moron succeeded in duping the voters into reelecting him on a number of occasions until he retired in 2007.
Unable to wean himself off of public pork, immediately after he retired in 2007, Roger then entered the Senior Status Judge Program. This program is basically nothing more than Judicial Welfare that allows losers like Roger to collect wages for not hours they did not work and/or travel expenses never incurred.
In May 2009, a Pulaski County Grand Jury indicted Roger the Crook on one felony count of theft of labor already rendered. In layman’s language, Roger wrote a bad check (2-ply) for $8,194 to an attorney in Pulaski County that had provided him with legal services.
Subsequently, Roger pleaded guilty to the felony charge and at the time also made good on the rubber check he issued to his past attorney. Roger was then sentenced to 30-days house arrest and one year’s probation.
Roger’s biggest mistake was in trying to screw a fellow attorney by presenting him with a rubber check. If he’d selected another victim, the DA likely would have allowed him to make the check good and that would have been the end of it. This further confirms that Roger is a certified Moron.
Shortly after his guilty plea to a felony, ethics charges were filed with the Kentucky Supreme Court. As a consequence of his felony conviction, the enablers for Judicial Misfits sitting on the Court punished Roger by gifting him with a complimentary reprimand and a one-year suspension of his law license.
During the time that Roger defrauded his past attorney and while he was collecting wages as a senior visiting judge, he operated out of an office located at 351 Lawless Road in Jamestown. How appropriate that Roger the Crook’s office is located on “Lawless” Road.
Of course when Roger the Loser’s one-year suspension is up in June 2012, he’ll obviously return to his law-breaking routine while housed on Lawless Road.
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