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Judge James Ammons Jr. of Fayetteville; lifetime porker, Judge Roy Bean Wannabee

James Ammons Jr. was presented with a law license by the North Carolina Supreme Court in 1981.
After receiving his law license, Jimmy has dedicated his worthless legal career to porking out at the public trough. He first spent 6 years as an assistant district attorney (aka, gopher, flunky, bootlicker). He then spent 10 years as a district court judge and 12 years as a superior court judge.
Apparently no self-respecting law firm in the Fayetteville area was about to offer Jimmy the Loser a good paying job as an associate or partner. Can ya blame them?
In the late 1990s, Judge Ammons was charged with misconduct by the Judicial Standards Commission. While sitting on a case involving a worthless friend, I’m sorry I mean a worthless check case, Jimmy acted as follows:
  • When his friend failed to appear at the trial, Jimmy ignored court procedures by refusing to continue the case
  • Jimmy then allowed the defendant’s attorney to withdraw but refused to allow him time to obtain a replacement lawyer
  • He then tried the case without counsel on defendant’s prior not guilty plea
  • Jimmy then cross-examined the defendant and found him guilty
  • Subsequently the Court of Appeals threw-out Judge Bean’s illegally
In another matter, involving a child custody case, Jimmy issued an illegal ex parte (only one party involved) order for the sheriff to assist the custodial parent in obtaining the children from the non-custodial parent.
Jimmy’s illegal ex parte order resulted in the non-custodial parent being arrested and jailed for 13 hours until the $5,000 cash bond he required was posted.
On his re-election web site (www.JudgeJimAmmons.com) Jimmy has the chutzpah to claim is a tough but fair judge. He goes on to say he “believes our courts should be a place of fairness to everyone including victims of crime.”
Jimmy obviously missed his calling as a standup comedian, right?
As a consequence of his misconduct the enablers for Judicial Misfits sitting on the North Carolina Supreme Court punished Jimmy by gifting him with a complimentary censure.
As we speak (ca. July 2011) Judge Roy Bean continues to mete out his so-called brand of justice while sitting on the Superior Court in Fayetteville. What a joke!
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