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Comedy Central announces the “Donald Trump Roast”


An unreliable source has indicated that Donald “Trumporleone” Trump has agreed in principle to an offer from Comedy Central to appear at an upcoming “Donald Trump Roast.”


Over the strenuous objections of The Don, Bill Maher will be hosting the roast.


After some intense negotiating between The Don and producers of the Roast, the following Bakers Dozen have been approved to be members of the roasting team.


James Comey

Robert Di Niro

Hillary Clinton

David Letterman

Rosie O’Donnell

Stephen Colbert

Vladimir Putin

Nancy Pelosi

Amy Schumer

Lawrence O’Donnell


Louis C.K.

Susan Sarandon


In addition to reluctantly approving the above-mentioned roasters, The Don demanded that he receive 85% of all profits generated from the televising of the Trump Roast.


However, to prove he’s one of America’s greatest Philanthropists he has agreed to donate 50% of the profits he receives to the NAAWP (Nat’l Assn for the Advancement of White People) and the other half to the Jerry Falwell Ministries.


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