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Fox News announces Bill Cosby to replace Bill O’Reilly

In keeping with its long-standing policy of ignoring sexual harassment on the job by one of its 

premier Misogynists and Sexual Harrasers Bill O'Reilly, it is rumored that Rudolph Murdoch is about to announce that Bill O’Reilly will be replaced by celebrated Serial Sexual Assaulter Bill Cosby.


It appears that Rupert Murdoch was concerned that the Fox News Comedy Network would or could lose a substantial number of its misogynist viewers if it replaced O’Reilly with someone who actually displayed full-throated respect for women or even a modicum of respect for that matter. 


Murdoch has announced that the new show will be called “The Cosby Factor.” The initial lineup of accomplished misogynists, adulterers and sexual abusers who are scheduled to appear with Cosby are:

  • Newt “serial adulterer” Gingrich
  • Woody “loves my daughter” Allen
  • Justice Clarence “this Coke’s for you” Thomas
  • Charlie “punched her out” Sheen
  • Larry “8 wives” King
  • O.J. “Dice & Slice” Simpson
  • Donald “Grab that Pussy” Trump

With this lineup of celebrity wife beaters, drug abusers, adulterers and assorted sexual predators, The Cosby Factor should be a resounding financial success.


Congratulations to Rupert Murdoch for standing up for women’s rights!

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