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Today’s “Ultimate Grinch” Award Winner is Gov. Chris Christie

In an earnest effort to forever seal his top ten standing as an “Ultimate Grinch,” Gov. Chris “Slim”” Christie
Recently announced that he would seek legislative approval that would deny Medicaid coverage to adults in a family of four wherein the annual household income is less than $6,000.
This would mean that a single moth raising three children who was earning as little as $102 a week would not qualify for government-funded medical coverage. How sweet is that? Let’em eat cake, right Slim?
Since Medicaid also provides health care services to the blind it likely won’t be long before Charitable Chris blindsides these folks by seizing their canes and German Shepherds and sells them to reduce the state deficit. Is this like cool shit or what?
Left-wing, commie-pinkos, all of whom are America and God haters have vilified Chris for his valid and Christian Value attempts to reduce the deficit in New Jersey on the backs of those who can afford it.
One senior citizen, Mrs. Jones commented by saying, “For Christ sakes Chris where’s your compassion? You’ve got no problem spending thousands to helicopter yourself to your son’s ball game, but find it acceptable to stick it to those most in need.”
As you can see from Mrs. Jones’ photo to the right, she’s downright unhappy with the Grinch’s behavior. Can ya blame her? After all, it likely costs more than $102 to provide Slim with his necessary daily caloric intake, right? And what about the extra fuel to ferry The Slimster in a state helicopter?
Congrats Chris; keep up the good work! We should let everyone know of your amazing record as one of the country’s most accomplished Grinch’s; you are far too humble.

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