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Rep. Glen Grothman (R-WI): Today’s “Bigot”Award Winner


This isn’t the first Award presented to Glen. In the past, she has been the recipient of five (5) Awards in various categories. Those awards are listed at the end of this article and can be viewed by going to the listed categories.


Glen is yet another loser lawyer that learned just how difficult it would be to earn a dishonest living practicing law. Therefore, he opted to go into the second most ethical profession (used car salesman No. 1), politics.


During a recent (late March 2017) congressional hearing, Glen complained that low-income students are spending their Pell Grant funds on commercial goods that he deems unnecessary. (Travis Gettys)


Glen went on to say:

  • “I know in many ways in this country we hate the middle class.”
  • “We love the rich, we love the poor and we hate the middle class.”
  • “People wonder why — sometimes they use the Pell Grants, too, for goodies and electronics, and they resent the fact that by doing it right, their kids are penalized.”

Glen whined that poor children [wink, wink] were receiving grant aid that he believed was largely subsidized by the middle class [honkies]. He said that those taxpayers [honkies] resent that their own children must take out loans to pay for their education. The Bigot then went on to say:

  • “People get tired of the American government hating the middle class, and they have to kick in for their kids’ programs, so their (own) kids have to take out loans.” Grothman said.
  • “While the kids from some other families [wink, wink] seem to get things for free.”

The following demographic facts relating to Wisconsin’s 6th Congressional District sets forth the racial makeup of Glen’s District.

  • Whites = 95.3% of population
  • Hispanics = 2.3% of population
  • Asians = 1.5% of population
  • Blacks = 1.1% of population

Is there any wonder why Glen has no fear of electoral backlash when he goes after poor folks in his district? It’s painfully clear that a good portion of Glen’s constituents are as bigoted as he is.


Congrats Glen; keep up the good work! We should let everyone know of your amazing record as one of America’s most disrespected “Bigots”; you are far too humble

  1. Bigot Award Winner = 1
  2. Bullshit Award Winner = 1
  3. Humanitarian Award Winner = 1
  4. Lunatic Award Winner = 1
  5. Planned Parenthood not necessary because Guys have options: Art. No. 16 Misogynist Awards

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