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Marvin Gaye’s “I heard it through the Grapevine” Trump rendition


Luckily for us, folks associated with the late and great Marvin Gaye agreed to do a partial remake of his number one hit “I heard it through the Grapevine” to show due respect for Donald “Trumporleone” Trump.


The remake below is in honor of the way Donald “Trumporleone” Trump receives and digests the daily news, especially “fake news.”


Oh Vladimir baby,

I bet you’re wondering, how I knew

About your plans to make it untrue

With some other liar, you knew before

Between the two of us liars, I loves you more

You took me by surprise

When I heard you spoke the truth yesterday


Ooh you know a man ain't supposed to lie

But these lies I can't hold inside

Losing you would end my career you see

Because you mean that much to me

You could have told me yourself

You might need to find someone else


People say we hide from what we see

So, in love with what I hear

I've been hurt I've been confused

But if it's true, won't you tell me dear

Do you really plan to let me go

For another guy who says he’ll lie even more


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