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Trump announces new book: “The Art of the Feel”


During the presidential campaign, Donald “Trumporleone” Trump repeatedly hailed himself as 

one of America’s most successful businessmen in duping the voters. Towards that end, The Don unabashedly promoted a book he falsely claims to have authored entitled “The Art of the Deal.”


Given The Don’s notorious and admitted history of misogyny and sexual harassment of the opposite sex, he has announced that his next book will be entitled “The Art of the Feel.”


The “Forward” to the “Art of the Feel” is authored by none other than Celebrated Pervert and Serial Sexual Harasser former Fox News CEO Roger “The Pig” Ailes.


The Don acknowledges the following celebrated luminaries in the “Art of the Feel.”

  • Bill “The Perv” Cosby
  • Woody “I married my step daughter” Allen
  • Billy "The Predator" O'Reilly 
  • Former Sen. David “I love hookers” Vitter of Louisiana
  • Clarence "This Coke's for You" Thomas 

The Don has preliminarily announced that all proceeds from the sale of The Art of the Feel will be divided in half and donated to the National Association for the Advancement of White People (NAAWP) and the American Association of Sadists (ASS).


And lastly, let’s all clap (whoops don’t want that) our hands in honor of The Don’s newest book.


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