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Judge Randy Stoker of Twin Falls, ID; Buffoon


The state of Idaho provided Randy John Stoker with a law license in 1975 after he graduated from the University of Idaho Law School.


Gov. Butch Otter was duped into appointing Randy to a seat on the Fifth District Court in Twin Falls in 2007. Randy didn’t get the appointment because he was the most qualified lawyer in the greater Twin Falls area. He got it because he had proven to be a reliable lackey for the local political hacks.


In one matter, Judge Stoker was assigned to preside over the case of John Howard who raped a disabled black teammate with a coat hanger to zero jail or prison time despite him facing a maximum of 10 years. Instead Randy the Buffoon (my sincerest apologies to Buffoons) sentenced Howard to two years of probation and 300 hours of community service. With good behavior, Stoker said Howard’s criminal record could be expunged.


There was deserved criticism of Stoker’s asinine sentence with many decrying it as being far too lenient, and being biased because of Howard’s race (white guy) and his families’ wealth.


After he granted dispensation in sentencing Howard, Stoker said he discounted testimony of Howard’s racist remarks toward the black player and concluded that the assault was not racially motivated. Stoker then said:

  • “Whatever happened in that locker room was not sexual." he said.
  • "In my view, this is not a case about racial bias." he also said.
  • "People from the east coast have no idea what this case is about."

As we speak (March 2017), Randy the Buffoon continues to sit at as 5th Judicial District Court Judge in Twin Falls, Idaho. 

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