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2017 Oscar: Best Performance as a Judicial Moron


The number of Judicial Morons running amuck throughout the country run into the hundreds if not thousands. The Academy would have been required to name at least 50 nominees for this award if it was interested in being “fair and balanced.”


Culling down a list of deserving Judicial Morons for the voters to consider was a monumental and time consuming task. With that said, eventual winner and the four losing candidates for this Prestigious Award are listed below. Articles dealing with their enduring accomplishments can be found by visiting the “Judicial Misfit” section and then click on to the appropriate state where you’ll find their names listed alphabetically.

And the 2017 Oscar goes to:


Judge Ray Grimes of Clarksville, Tennessee


And the 2017 four Losing Nominees are:

  • Judge Rachel Carillo of Phoenix, Arizona
  • Judge Daniel Coursey of Decatur, Georgia
  • U.S. Judge Milton Shadur of Chicago; incompetent boob
  • Judge Elizabeth Church of Sault Sainte Marie, Michigan

And lastly, if being a Judicial Moron was a disqualifier for sitting on the bench, at least 35 percent of the judges in this country, both state, local and federal would be out of a job. Unfortunately, judicial incompetence is in many instances a stepping stone to higher office. 


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