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2017 Oscar: Best Performance as a Judicial Pervert


The eventual winner and the four losing candidates for this Prestigious Award are listed below. Articles dealing with their perverted accomplishments can be found by visiting the “Judicial Pervert” section where you’ll find their names listed alphabetically.


As one would reasonably suspect, the disgusting actions taken by these celebrated perverts resulted in a very close and contentious race.


As anticipated, all the candidates had hardened their positions in presenting their cases and distinct attributes to the attention of the voters to take home this year’s Oscar.


And the 2017 Oscar goes to:

U.S. Judge Richard Roberts of the DC District Court 


It is indeed unfortunate that only one Judicial Pervert could garner enough votes to take home this year’s coveted Oscar when there were so many deserving candidates.


And the Four Losing Nominees are:


The four losing candidates set forth below deserve a round of applause for their perverted achievements, all of which was aimed at winning the 2017 Oscar. Unfortunately, none of them could overcome the vote total amassed by the amazing and thoroughly disgusting conduct of the Dishonorable Judge Richard Roberts.

  • Judge Joseph Boeckmann Jr. of Wynne, Arkansas 
  • Judge Hector De Pena Jr. of Corpus Christi, Texas 
  • Judge Charles Irwin of Sierra Vista, Arizona
  • Judge Leon Archer of Dadeville, Alabama 
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