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2017 Oscar: Most Accomplished Bullshitter


The Academy is proud to announce that this new category is intended to reward America’s finest performers in dispensing Fake News. As one can imagine, the competition for this award was quite intense.


The eventual winner and the four losing candidates for this Prestigious Award are listed below. Articles dealing with their  Bullshit accomplishments can be found by visiting the “Bullshit Award” section where you’ll find their names listed alphabetically.


Unfortunately, despite possessing the credential to have come in first kplace, the loser nominees were not able to overcome the votes amassed by Donald "Trumporleone" Trump. Better luck next year!


And the 2017 Oscar goes to:


Donald “Trumporleone” Trump


Can there be any doubt that The Don is America’s Premier Bullshitter? It would take several pages to list the Bullshit he’s spewed forth since announcing his run for the presidency in early 2016.


The Don has the innate ability to talk Bullshit on an hourly basis while attempting to dupe the public. There have been occasions where The Don could discharge several Bullshit statements within a few minutes.


And the 2017 four Losing Nominees are:

  • Mike Huckabee: former Arkansas Governor
  • Newt Gingrich: former presidential candidate
  • Sean Spicer: White House Press Secretary
  • Tom Delay: former Texas congressman 

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