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Should Nordstrom bosses undergo “extreme vetting” for dumping Ivanka’s products?


It has been widely reported (Feb 2017) that Nordstrom’s Department Store announced it was dumping Ivanka Trump’s line of clothing and accessories due to lousy sales.


Donald “Trumporleone” Trump let it be known via his Tweets that he was not happy with Nordstrom’s decision. In fact, he took it as a personal affront to his authority as America’s resident Godfather and Supreme Commander.


Several of The Don’s anointed spokespersons went further and claimed that Nordstrom’s decision was a naked political decision based on its dislike of The Don’s policies. (See stories listed at the end of this article dealing with this subject)


Given the Don’s expressed angst at Nordstrom’s decision, it is necessary for the sake of the country that we discover the truth about the dumping of Ivanka’s products.


I believe that The Don should consider the issuance of an Executive Order to Homeland Security ordering it to apprehend the top executives of Nordstrom and have them undergo a little “extreme vetting” to discover the truth about this serious matter.


If any of the executives refuse to cooperate in the “search for the truth,” then “extreme vetting” should include “waterboarding.”


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