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Donald TrumporleoneTrump loses another law suit 


In early February 2017, U.S. District Court Judge Kenneth A. Marra of West Palm Beach, Florida, ordered that The Don refund nearly $6 million to members of a country club who claimed he essentially confiscated refundable deposits after he took over the club. (Josh Gerstein)


Judge Marra ruled that the Trump National Jupiter Golf Club violated the contracts with members by retaining the fees and locking out many members who had declared their plans to resign. In his ruling, he specifically stated:

  • "The Court concludes that the Plan documents, as properly interpreted, were intended to provide club members of the resignation list with a continuing right to use the Club facilities until their membership was reissued to a new member, provided the club member was otherwise in good standing with the Club."

As is his practice, The Don’s lawyers have stated they intend on appealing the judge’s order, thereby causing more attorney fees to be incurred by his victims.


This is just another fine example of how The Don has dedicated his business practices by screwing his clients and/or customers (Trump University).


And lastly, how long will it be before The Don questions the integrity, qualification and/or ability of Judge Marra to be fair to him because of the judge’s Sicilian ancestry?


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