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Donald “Trumporleone” Trump grants colossal gift to Wall Street


I’m sure “Trumporleone” supporters of The Don remember during the campaign when he promised he was going to go after the excesses engaged in by Wall Street while at the same time “draining the swamp.” 


Well, Boys and girls, anyone with an I.Q. just a tad higher than the legal speed limit for semi-trucks in Toledo well knew that this was just another Trumponian Lie.


The financial industry rule that The Don repealed on Feb2, 2017 established a “fiduciary duty” for money managers, requiring them to operate retirement accounts in the best interests of their clients.


The Don’s repeal will now allow financial professionals to steer retirees into expensive or poor-performing products that carry economic benefits and perks for the advisers and their firms, without disclosing such conflicts of interest.


The Obama administration calculated that consumers lose $17 billion a year due to conflict of interest investment advice. A Goldman Sachs study concluded the rule would cost the financial industry $13 billion in upfront costs and $7 billion each year.


One thing Trumpilians can take comfort in is that none of them have a retirement account so they don’t have to worry about getting screwed again by the unethical money-grubbers in Wall Street. In truth, the only possible financial losers will be left-wing, commie leaning, liberal sympathizers living in San Francisco or Boston, ain’t that right Jethro.


Now that these liberal reg-u-lay-shuns have been repealed, we’ll likely see hundreds-of-thousands of good paying $8.00 an hour jobs coming our way down here in Mississippi, right Jethro.


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