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Judge James Hamilton of Columbia, TN; idiot, Judge Roy Bean Wannabee

Unfortunately Judge James Hamilton sits as the Senior Judge in Maury County Circuit Court in Columbia, Tennessee, which is about 45 miles south of Nashville.
Recently, this certified idiot and scofflaw was found guilty of misconduct by the Tennessee Court of the Judiciary for engaging in conduct aimed at emulating Judge Roy Bean.
Jimmy was found guilty of repeatedly entered ex-parte orders dismissing cases without the first personally determined that they had been submitted to, and first approved by the District Attorney General.
Jimmy also entered ex-parte orders expunging criminal convictions of various defendants without ever assuring that the DA was aware of and approved of his actions.
In other words, Judge Roy Bean determined that he had the absolute authority to act as the judge, defense counsel, prosecutor and jury. What a guy!
As a result of his egregious misconduct in thumbing his nose at the law, the Tennessee Supreme Court punished Jimmy by gifting him with a complimentary public reprimand.
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