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Judge Richard Halloran, Jr. of Detroit; serial misfit, pathological liar


In July 2010, Judge Halloran was disciplined for the second time by the Michigan Surpeme Court.
Halloran’s 1st bit at the Judicial Misfit Apple Tree dealt with his “Hokey Pokey” performance in the men’s room at the Detroit Metropolitan Airport several years ago.
A further explanation of Halloran’s conduct can be found at the URL below.
Judge Richard Halloran of Detroit; Pervert or Hokey Pokey aficionado?
In his 2nd bite at the Judicial Misfit Apple Tree, Judge Halloran was found guilty of the following misconduct by the Michigan Judicial Tenure Commission:
  1. Failed to promptly dispose of the court’s business
  2. Failed to exercise personal responsibility for his behavior (Hokey Pokey time excluded)
  3. Failed to properly conduct and administer the court
  4. Unlawfully dismissed at least 30 divorce cases with no valid reason to so act
  5. Lied to the Supreme Court and Judicial Commission (aka, perjury)
  6. For his 2nd Bite at the Judicial Misfit Apple Tree, the Michigan Supreme Court punished Halloran by gifting him with yet another complimentary censure.
Maybe Ol' Dick couldn't properly perform his judicial duties because he was too busy perfecting his "Hokey Pokey" technique! If that be the case, that'd be a viable defense, right?
As we speak (ca. May 2011) the Hokey Pokey Aficionado remains on the bench on the 3rd Circuit Court in Detroit. Is this a joke or what?
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