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Justice Alex Martinez of Colorado; Enabler for Attorney Misfits, lifetime porker

Ex-Governor Roy Romer made a monumental error in judgment in 1997 when he appointed Martinez as a Justice on the Colorado Supreme Court. This error was in addition to the one made by then Governor Richard Lamm in 1983 when he appointed as a County Court Judge in Pueblo County.
The sole reason that these ex-Governors appointed Martinez to the bench was because he was a reliable flunky, lackey 
Since he was received his law license in 1976 through 2011 (35 years), Justice Martinez has had his significant snout firmly implanted in the public trough. If it wasn’t for the taxpayers of Colorado, Martinez likely would have been relegated to applying for a job as a greeter at the Wal Mart located at 1250 East Magnolia Street in Fort Collins.
As could be expected from a lightweight like Martinez after his ascension to the Supreme Court, he let it be known that he was an enabler and apologist for Attorney Misfits.
When confronted with the egregious misconduct of ex-Fort Collins assistant prosecutor Jolene Blair who cheerfully engaged in quasi-criminal conduct in the wrongful conviction of Tim Masters in 1999, Alex the Lightweight didn’t vote to have her permanently disbarred. He voted to gift her with a complimentary censure.
Apparently, Justice Martinez’ censure vote was meant to assure that Jolene Blair would continue to have an opportunity to earn a dishonest living as an attorney.
On behalf of all Coloradoans, I wish to thank you for your continued disservice!

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