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Judge Sam Sanchez of Taos, NM; Il Duce Wannabee, certified moron

Judge Sam Sanchez sits on the Eight Judicial Court in Taos, New Mexico.
Recently charges were filed by the Judicial Standards Commission with the New Mexico Supreme Court against Sanchez. (The Taos News)
Judge Sanchez was charged with violating the constitutional due process rights of 32 people in finding them in contempt of court. Sanchez did so after a hearing wherein he denied a motion to reconsider the sentence of Dominic Bau, who he sentenced to 12 years after he pleaded guilty to criminal sexual penetration and criminal sexual contact of a minor for raping a 13-year-old female relative.
After Sanchez denied the motion, Bau began “yelling out that the hearing had been one-sided” and that “the states evidenced showed the victim was not a virgin.” The disruption then spread to the gallery, where Bau’s supporters also began to shout and exchange words and gestures with the victim’s family.
Judge Sanchez then held only Bau’s supporters in contempt. They were not individually identified and were held without a “definite term of imprisonment.” Said conduct by Sanchez was clearly illegal and in violation of due process protections.
After the 32 were jailed, Public Defender Darryl Bouchard and Deputy Chief Public Defender David Eisenberg were forced to file an emergency writ with the Supreme Court to have them released from jail.
Judge Sanchez’s Hyperbolic (BS) Defenses
Judge Sanchez’s so-called attorney Robert Crollett said his client shouldn’t be punished for holding 32 people in contempt of court, and said the Judicial Standards Commission’s recommendations that Sancez be suspended without pay for 30 days would be “Draconian.” What about the punishment Il Duce so cheerfully handed out when he violated their due process rights Bobby Baby?
Attorney Crollett went on to laughingly say, “Although Judge Sanchez’ conduct may be negligent [May be?], there is no clear and convincing evidence that his conduct was willful.” Obviously, Crollett missed his calling as a standup comedian!
Being the wimp and loser that he is, Judge Sanchez retired rather than face a suspension or even worse from the New Mexico Supreme Court.
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