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Trump stiffs DC Hotel contractors out of $5 million


In early 2017, three contractors filed liens against Donald “Trumporleone” Trump, claiming The Don they are owed $5 million in labor costs for work done on the Trump International Hotel in DC. An example of the liens filed against Don the Deadbeat (DD) are:

  • $2.98 million – DC plumbing and heating firm Joseph J. Magnolia Inc.
  • $2.075 million - Maryland company AES Electrical Inc.
  • $79,700 – A&D Construction of Virginia for installing base and crown

It is a well-known fact that The Don’s career in the real estate business and more importantly his insatiable appetite for the Almighty Dollar is based on his willingness to stiff anyone who does business with him.


In truth, The Don is now and has been for most of his adult life the poster boy for “New York Shysters.”


It goes without saying that The Don’s faithful Trumponians (supporters), don’t give a damn if he cheats their working brothers and sisters because they believe that this Serial Shyster (SS) is going to “Make America Great Again.”


Maybe the Trumponians should consider putting on a charitable fundraiser $5 million in liens filed against The Don and his DC Hotel.

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