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Trump DC Hotel is a Chintzy piece of Crap 

Late in the presidential campaign (10/26/16) Donald “Trumporleone” Trump held a grand 


opening ceremony of his new hotel in Washington DC.


In late December 2016, it was reported by The Washingtonian that a year-end list of luxury hotels from travel group Luxury Travel Intelligence (LTI), which specializes in high-end hotels, puts Trump’s near the bottom of its list. (Erin Corbett)


After rating The Don’s hotel as the third-worst on its list, LTI said in its review:

  • “The building itself is undoubtedly impressive, but once inside we start to ask questions.”
  • “LTI finds the décor a little garish and more quantity over quality.”
  • “Service is poor on occasions and lacks confidence.”
  • “The whole experience seems a little forced, and therefore this place is not for the true discerning luxury traveler.”

For the less discerning reader, the term “garish” means chintzy, gaudy and/or vulgar.


If things get any worse for The Don’s DC hotel, he’ll start losing customers to the newly renovated and upgraded Motel 6 at 6711 Georgia Ave NW in DC. And if things get worse, The Don may have trouble competing with the Super 8 Motel.


Sadly, lobbyists, foreign government officials and others seeking gifts from The Don compliments of the American taxpayer will be more than happy to pay $800 a night or more to stay at his chintzy hotel.


In truth, The Don could purchase the local Motel 6, rename it “Trump’s Motel Six” and charge favor-seekers $600 a night, which they would cheerfully pay.


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