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Fox News - unfair reporting by unbalanced reporters


Fox News touts itself as unbiased in the presentation of "fair and balanced reporting of the daily news, which is analogous to the now deceased Jeffrey Dahmer claiming that he was not predisposed to look upon vegetarians with total disdain

During my formative years in Toledo, Ohio, my grandfather Henry, his younger broth Bill, and my father William, Sr. (unfortunately all deceased) were inveterate readers of the news. In my house you could always find current copies of magazines such as Time, Look, Colliers, Newsweek, Esquire (one of my favorites if ha know what I mean), and U.S. News & World Report. My only regret at that time was that none of them ever subscribed to Playboy, a recognized favorite of us Catholic boys attending Rosary Cathedral elementary school in Toledo. In addition, daily copies of the Toledo Blade and Detroit Free Press were available. Moreover, every night we’d watch Walter Cronkite on the CBS evening News. Suffice it to say that early on in life I truly knew the meaning of “fair and balanced (unbiased) news reporting.


Anyone, and I mean anyone who tunes into Fox News with the understanding that they are actually receiving unbiased reporting cannot have an I.Q. equal to and/or higher than the legal speed limit for semis on U.S. 50 in downtown Sacramento; the Dan Ryan Expressway in Chicago; 1-270 in downton Columbus, Ohio and/or the 101 in Los Angles.

With that said, Fox News should rightfully change its mantra to “Unfair News reporting by Unbalanced Reporters." Agree?


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