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Trump Filling the Swamp No.4: Fox News’ Monica Crowley


In mid-December 2016, Donald “Trumporleone” Trump announced his appointment of Monica Crowley as Senior Director of Strategic Communications for the National Security Council.


Monica is yet another employee of the Fox News Comedy Network who has been named to work for the Trump administration. Monica will be working under retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, another swamp dweller who was appointed by The Don as his National Security Advisor.


Below are just a few of Monica’s fabricated conspiratorial claims, racist comments and assorted lies that caused her to endear herself to the Don and receive the appointment referenced above.


Monica’s false, defamatory or bigoted comments about President Obama

  • Gov’t decision to not defend DOMA “form of Dictatorship from Mubarak Obama”
  • Obama trying to “Indoctrinate our Children with 2009 Education Speech; This is what Chairman Mao Did”
  • “Obama is an Arab, not Black and he’s lying that he’s lying by presenting himself as African-American”
  • Said Obama is Muslim by falsely claiming his half-brother told The Jerusalem Post that “Obama’s got a really solid Muslim background”
  • Claimed Obama’s “real father is a Communist”
  • Trump’s Birtherism “Gaining Traction because Obama has adopted some policies that are seriously antithetical to American values”
  • “Issues about Obama’s Origins have traction because he does Un-American things that give impression he’s not one of us” [racist Honkies]
  • “Obama claiming he’s black “is the biggest con I think I’ve ever seen”

Monica’s sham/fabricated attacks on the Media

  • “How do we protect Barack Obama today? The Mafia-like protection racket run by the media”
  • “With the protection of the press, Obama has gotten away with bloody murder”
  • “So just as I predicted and right on schedule, the leftist press is moving its protection racket from Obama to Rodham”
  • “Just slammed the leftist media for refusing to investigate Obama’s background”

After donning a pair of Industrial Strength Knee pads provided gratis by The Don, Monica said:


“I must say that Donald Trump drop-kicks the corrupt media better than almost anybody”


Does anyone with an I.Q. in triple digits believe that Monica will serve the public interest as chief spokesperson for the National Security Council?


So here we have yet another loser being foisted upon the American Public by The Don in his ongoing effort to Fill the Swamp with lying sycophants formerly employed by the Fox News Comedy Network. 


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