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Judge Harvey Giss of LA; racist, liar and ethical gnome

Judge Harvey Giss sits as a Superior Court Judge in Los Angles.
In July 2010, t he Judicial Commission charged Judge Giss with misconduct as a result of a racist comment he made.
While presiding over a robbery trial involving two African American defendants, Judge Giss was engaged in discussing a plea agreement with the DA and defense attorneys. During this discussion, Judge Giss said that the only thing that would make the defendants agree to a plea was for the judge to “come out in a white sheet and a pointy white hat.”
Subsequently, the Judicial Commission filed an ethics complaint against Judge Giss for his racist comments.
In defense of his racist comment and in an effort to endear himself to local members of the Aryan Nation, Judge Giss said “People don’t have a sense of humor anymore.”
Obviously, Judge Harvey Giss missed his calling as a standup comedian!
As punishment for his racist comments, the enablers on the Judicial Commission gifted Judge Giss by presenting him with a complimentary reprimand.
What a joke!
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