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Trump considers appointing Sean Hannity Propaganda Minister


There is an ongoing and never ending rumor that Donald “Trumporleone” Trump is considering naming Sean Hannity of the Fox News Comedy Network as his Minister of Propaganda.


Sean’s position for the incoming Trump regime would be akin to the job performed by the late Joseph Goebbels on behalf of Adolph Hitler.


It is well known that Sean has dedicated the clear majority of his time on the air in promoting The Don and attacking Hillary Clinton. In fact, one must truly wonder if The Don has volunteered to reimburse Sean for the costs he has incurred in repeatedly purchasing Industrial Strength ChapStick.


Sean’s primary duties as Propaganda Minister will be to consistently lie about The Don’s achievements and/or positions and to fabricate falsehoods about his critics.


As we all know, Sean is one of America’s Most Accomplished Liars, Bullshitters, Lunatics and Fabricator of Falsehoods.


In selecting Sean as his Minister of Propaganda, The Don can be assured that during his presidency the truth will never see the light of day.


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