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Trumps’ 7th victim of Draining the Swamp: Goldman Sachs’ Gary Cohn


During the presidential campaign, Donald “Trumporleone” Trump repeatedly attacked Goldman Sachs and more importantly Hillary Clinton as being beholden to Goldman for the amounts it paid her for speeches.


In fact, The Don promised his supporters that he was going to “drain the swam” of lobbyists, lifetime politicians and others that were merely engaged in gaming the system to their financial gain.


It goes without saying that Goldman Sachs is one of America’s biggest “Swam Dwellers” when it comes to lobbying congress and the Whitehouse for political favors. It would be fair to say that over the years, Goldman Sachs has invested millions upon millions of dollars in purchasing the services of the members of Congress and the person sitting in the Whitehouse.


In early December 2016, The Don announced that he was appointing Godman Sachs president and chief operating officer (CEO) Gary Cohn to become the director of the National Economic Council.


The National Economic Council will advise The Don on economic policy, and as its director, Mr. Cohn with work in the White House.


How many more insiders who are infamous Swamp Dwellers will The Don appoint to his administration? More importantly, how many more appointments of Swam Dwellers by The Don will it take for his supporters to conclude that they were duped by his false promises?


Only time will tell if The Don’s supporters will ever finally admit that he is a Congenital Liar who cheerfully spoon fed them lies to garner their support. 


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