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Should Trump order car makers to place Bibles in glove compartments?


It was amazing to discover that Donald “Trumporleone” Trump received the overwhelming vote of the Evangelical Born Again Christian crowd. You’d think that since he’s a Serial Adulterer, Congenital Liar, and admitted sexual abuser that anyone that was a real Christian would never have considered voting for The Don.


What apparently happened is that these so-called Christians decided to vote for The Don since they believe he’ll appoint one or more right-wing ideologues to the U.S. Supreme Court. They hope that with such appointments, the Court will overturn the Roe v. Wade abortion rights case.


More importantly, these Christians are hopeful that a right-wing dominated Court will rule that it would be proper to discriminate against members of the LGBT community if one claims a religious belief in so acting. In other words, if a good Christian claims Jesus told him to discriminate against gay folks it would be permissible.


Such an unconstitutional ruling could easily lead to other bigots claiming a right to discriminate against African-Americans, Muslims, Asians, Jews or Mormons under the guise of a religious right to so act.


Probably wouldn’t be long before someone could claim a right to discriminate against people that are left-handed because their God told them it was the right thing to do.


With that said, should The Don enter a Presidential decree that mandates that all auto makers including imported models be equipped with a Bible in every glove compartment?


The resounding answer must be Yes! However, the only question remaining is what Bible should be named the Government’s Official Bible. Should it be the New Kings James Version or the New American Catholic Bible?


And lastly, to make sure that The Don and/or his family are able to capitalize on this new program, The Don should order that auto manufacturers be made to purchase their bibles from the Donald Trump Enterprises, LLC.


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