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Toledo Judge Stephen Yarbrough Ohio’s Chief Thief


The facts below (obtained from public records), prove that Judge Stephen Yarbrough has dedicated his judicial career to the total avoidance of propriety.


In the mid-nineties, Ohio Chief Justice Thomas Moyer accepted Judge Yarbrough’s application for assignment as a visiting retired judge. Chief Justice Moyer did so even though he knew for a fact that Yarbrough (a) was fired as the Chairman of the Lucas County Republican Party when funds could not be accounted for (my opinion – he embezzled the funds), and (b) was kicked out of the Ohio Senate when it was discovered he lied about his residency. Apparently, in Chief Justice Moyer’s demented mind, this egregious misconduct more than qualified Yarbrough for assignment as a visiting judge.
My review of about 1,000 pages of Judge Yarbrough’s compensation reports, travel expense claims and court docket sheet entries prove that he has defrauded the state to the tune of at least $500,000. In addition, he has defrauded taxpayers in the following Ohio Counties (there’s more) by submitting fabricated travel expense claims.
1.         Franklin County (Columbus)
2.         Mahoning County (Youngstown)
3.         Butler County (Hamilton)
4.         Montgomery County (Dayton)
5.         Cuyahoga County (Cleveland)
Fraud re: fabricated compensation claims
Judge Yarbrough has consistently submitted sham compensation claims under oath by putting forth the following fabricated claims.
  •       Worked hundreds of 8-hour days even though parking receipts from Columbus proved his average workday was 3.3 hours
  •       Billed the state 8.0 hours ($450) after being subpoenaed to testify as a fact witness before the Court of Claims in Columbus (also defrauded Franklin  County by billing for mileage, meals and lodging)
  •       Billed the state 8.0 hours $420 when he was in Vail, CO attending seminar
  •       Billed the state hundreds of hours by claiming he consistently worked 8 hour days on Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays
  •       Billed the state for working 16.0 hours on the same day in two different counties, collecting over $800 on each occasion (23 total)
  •       Billed the state for work on cases that the docket sheets proved were closed and no longer active via settlement and/or issuance of final divorce decrees
  •       Falsely claiming to work 50 to 60 consecutive days, which included weekend day


    s and Holidays
  •       Claimed on over 200 occasions that he worked exactly 8-hour days at home
Fraud re: fabricated travel expenses
The following are a few examples of frauds perpetrated by Judge Yarbrough on numerous counties via his submission of sham travel expenses.
  •       Billing two counties for three meals on the same day (resembles a voracious eater)
  •       Billing for mileage he could not have possibly driven Billing Franklin County for manufactured lodging costs while sleeping on a couch at a state employee’s apartment (employee later pled guilty to criminal misdemeanor re: this matter)
  •       Repeatedly defrauded Franklin County by claiming he drove 161 miles to his home in Toledo when in fact public records prove he drove from Columbus to Youngstown and also billed Youngstown for 181 miles from Toledo - 342 miles billed when in fact he only drove 172 miles – did this frequently
  •       Billed Franklin County 161 miles to drive to Toledo when in fact drove 50 miles to the Courthouse in Marion and then 102 from Marion back to Toledo – also billed Marion for the same mileage
Not only is Judge Yarbrough a serial thief, he’s a certified moron to boot. It took me less than one-minute after reviewing his compensation reports and travel expense claims to discover he was an inveterate; albeit an unaccomplished thief.
What is quite disturbing about the facts set forth above is that I personally provided copies of public records to Chief Justice Thomas Moyer in early 2001 and repeatedly thereafter exposing the thefts involving Judge Yarbrough. In fact, Yarbrough’s thefts were duly reported on the front page of the Toledo Blade, and every other paper in Ohio. And what was Chief Justice Thomas Moyer’s response you ask. Well folks, he did absolutely nothing about it. In fact, his multiple assignments of Judge Yarbrough resulted in him becoming the highest paid judge in the state for several years.
In soon-to-be published articles I will address Judge Yarbrough’s claim that he worked 32-hours on one day. I will also address the sea of victims he has cheerfully strewn throughout the state via his unethical, incompetent and more importantly vindictive conduct aimed at parties that have unfortunately appeared before him. Put simply, stay tuned – there’s more to come!
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