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SNL biased sayeth Whiner Donald “Trumporleone” Trump


Most of us have enjoyed watching political skits on Saturday Night Live (SNL) as they skewer presidential and vice-presidential candidates. The Sarah Palin skits involving Tina Fey were some of the best they’ve ever produced.


There is no doubt that in lampooning presidential candidates, SNL treats all of their targets fairly without regard for party affiliation.

It cannot be disputed that in lampooning presidential candidates, that SNL is a proven equal opportunity lampooner.


Thin-skinned Donnie took offense to SNL’s latest skit (ca. 11/19/16) wherein he was once again rightfully portrayed as a Monumental Buffoon. Apparently, he took offense to Alec Baldwin’s portrayal of him and comments such as:

  • Tells Pence “You’re the reason I’m not going to get impeached”
  • “Just keep Obamacare”

Baldwin then engaged in the following dialogue with a Pence lookalike, which also didn’t sit well with The Don.



  • “Sir, being president is not going to be easy.”
  • “But we’ll get through it if we work hard, together.”


  • “Thank you, Mike.”
  • “You’re going to do everything, right?”

Only a disrespected Narcissist would take offense at a comedic skit such as the latest one aired by SNL. Prior targets of SNL have never resorted to “whining” and demanding “equal time.”


What would “equal time” actually mean in The Don’s demented mind? Would it entail a skit based on the Three Stooges with The Don playing Mo, Pence playing Curly and Steve Bannon playing the role of Larry?


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