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Donald Trumps “White-Hand Man” Stephen Bannon

Shortly after winning the presidency, Donald “Trumporleone” Trump had the chutzpah to announce the appointment of Stephen Bannon to be the Trump administration’s chief strategist and senior counsel.


As everyone knows or should by now, Bannon has absolutely no prior governmental experience. In fact, naming Bannon as his senior counsel is akin to naming David Duke as senior counsel for the United States Commission on Civil Rights.

Some of Stevie’s past achievements and attributes all of which clearly motivated The Don’s announcement of his appointment to his administration are as follows.

  • First marriage to Cathleen Jordan ended in divorce
  • Second marriage to Mary Louise Picard
  • Charged with domestic violence and battery of second wife Mary Piccard
  • Charged with dissuading (thwart) a witness re: domestic abuse of Piccard
  • Second marriage to Piccard ended in divorce
  • Third marriage to Diane Clohesy ends in divorce

It is well known that The Don has been married three times. The same is true of at least two of his favorite hangers-on (aka, ass-kissers) Newt Gingrich and Rudy Giuliani. Apparently, if you want to curry favor with the Don you need to be married at least three times.  Beating up the wife and/or engaging in a little fun-loving adultery is just an additional plus!


If Stevie, Newt or Rudy were to marry a fourth time it would likely lead a 2020 GOP nomination for the presidency unless The Don dumps Melania.


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SNL biased sayeth Whiner Donald “Trumporleone” Trump


SNL biased sayeth Whiner Donald “Trumporleone” Trump


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