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DA Jon Budelmann of Auburn, NY; ethical elf, lifetime porker


The state of New York presented Jon Budelmann with a law license in 1992 after he graduated from George Washington University Law School.


It should be noted that Jon has had his significant snout firm implanted in the public trough for the past twenty-four (1992 to 2016) years. Apparently, no self-respecting law firm in the greater Cayuga County area was about to offer Jon a good paying job.


In 2008 Jon duped the voters in Cayuga County into electing his as the County District Attorney. This was after Jon spent 12 years as gopher for the former DA.


Former assistant DA Jeffrey Domachowski stated that Jon had ordered him not to disclose a report to the defense attorney representing Tyrone Matthews in a drug related case. Domachowski went on to state that Jon had also ordered to illegally withhold exculpatory evidence in 14 other drug cases over an eight-year period. (John O’Brien, The Post-Standard)


The former assistant Cayuga County district attorney who initially handled Matthews' case told the defense lawyer about the undisclosed police report in January. A judge later ordered the district attorney, Jon Budelmann, to turn it over.


The ex-assistant DA, Jeffrey Domachowski, says Budelmann had ordered him not to disclose the report and secretly withheld similar evidence in 14 other drug cases over the past eight years.


Initially, Mr. Matthews was criminally charged as a drug dealer and not as the person who brought the dealer and buyer together. Matthews’ role as a go-between was specifically spelled out in a police report that was not initially turned over to Matthews’ attorney.


Despite Jon’s order to Jeffrey to not disclose the police report regarding Matthews’ “go-between” status, he did so anyway. He did so because Matthews was facing 25 years to life sentence as a drug dealer as opposed to a maximum of 2 years as a “go-between.”


Of course, Jon denied that he had ever violated the rules and/or law by concealing evidence that a defendant was entitled to. However, it’s obvious that Jon was quite happy when he was able to get long sentences handed out to defendants even though he absolutely knew the law didn’t support such a conclusion.


If just was truly blind, then Jon should receive the same prison sentence of 25 years that he so cheerfully visited upon his numerous victims.


As we speak (ca. November 2016), Jon continues to be employed as the Cayuga County DA in Auburn, New York. 


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