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Edward Mangano of Long Island, NY; Today’s Public Official Misfit


The state of New York provided Ernest Mangano with a law license in 1988 after he graduated from Hofstra University Law School.


First and foremost, it should be noted that Eddy is yet another loser lawyer that decided to go into politics after he discovered how difficult it would be to earn a dishonest living practicing law.


In late October 2016, Eddy was named in a 13-count federal indictment charging him with extortion, bribery, fraud and obstruction of justice charges. (Frank Eltman, AP)


In addition, Eddy’s wife Linda was charged with accepting a $450,000 no-show job at a local businessman’s restaurant and then lying about it to federal investigators.


Eddy and Linda are also charged with accepting vacations to Florida and the Caribbean. They also received other gifts including a $7,300 watch, two charges worth at least $7,000, and $3,700 in hardwood flooring for their bedroom in Bethpage, New York.


Assistant FBI Director Sweeney told the AP:

  • “Those involved in this scheme allegedly lied about their conduct to investigators, fanning the flames of a fire that became too large to contain.”
  • “Public corruption wastes countless tax dollars every year, threatens the credibility of governmental institutions, and opens the door for further criminal activity.”

Sweeney shouldn’t have been surprised that Eddy was lying since his lips were moving.


All that remains now is to see how long it takes for Eddy to cop a plea to lessen his prison sentence. The sentencing judge should order that Eddy be imprisoned at Leavenworth and lodged in Cell No. 712, where he’ll be roomed up with Clarice (real name Clarence) who is rumored to be quite friendly.


And lastly, during the sentencing ceremony, the judge should have the bailiff play that old ditty“Another One bites the Dust” by Queen. 


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