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American Assn of Gropers endorses Donald Trump


During a recent (late October 2016) announcement, a spokesperson for the American Association of Gropers announced that its members had voted overwhelmingly to endorse Donald “Trumporleone” Trump for President.


Out of the 850 members that cast a vote, there were only 14 dissenters. It was reported that the unappreciative naysayers were women. I had a feeling that this would be the way the voting went.


On the other hand, maybe the naysayers would not have been the first choice of someone like The Don and/or those of his ilk.


One would likely be correct in describing the female voters as being total prudes and/or dyed-in-the-wool man haters. What else could explain their unwarranted distaste for being sexually assaulted by someone like The Don?


For additional endorsements of The Don for President, go to the URL's listed below. 


Nat’l Assn of Proctologists endorses Donald Trump


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