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Will dead voters cost Trump the election?


During the presidential race Donald “Trumporleone” Trump has repeatedly claimed that the election is rigged and that part of the rigging is the fact that hundreds of thousands if not millions of dead people will be voting for Hillary Clinton in November 2016.


To suggest that dead people will exclusively vote for Hillary Clinton doesn’t pass the involuntary laugh test many, many dead voters are registered Republicans.


Since The Don is confident that if he loses to Hillary that the loss can in part be attributed to massive voting by dead folks.


If in fact this is the case, I would suspect that the vast majority of dead voters will opt to vote during the wee hours on October 31, 2016 (Halloween).


The Don’s claim is supported by rumors that Hillary supporters have indicated they will be placing voting machines painted with “Glow in the Dark Paint” provided by Home Depot in various cemeteries throughout the country.


Hopefully, The Don has alerted his minions to stand guard at cemeteries located in Philadelphia, Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit, Charlotte and Atlanta to prevent this theft of the presidential election.


And lastly, to assure that these dead folks don’t vote in the 2020 election, The Don should make sure his folks are armed with flamethrowers and shot guns. 

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