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Is Donald “Trumporleone” Trump “Defamation Proof?”


In early October 2016, the Washington Post released a video of The Don admitting that he cheerfully kisses women without their consent and grabs them by the “pussy.” He stated he could get away with this type of sexual assault because he was a “star”.


After the New York times reported on two instances of sexual assaults involving The Don and a woman on a plane and another in an office building in New York City, The Don adamantly denied he so acted. In fact, he called the two women liars and said he would sue the New York Times for defamation.


In his defense, The Don repeatedly states that “nobody respects women more than I do.” This hyperbolic (BS) statement doesn’t pass the involuntary laugh test. In fact, it would be akin to Adolph Hitler saying, “Nobody respects the Jew more than I do.”


In response to The Don’s claim that he would sue the New York Times, the Times basically said “bring it on” because as we all know the best defense to a defamation suit is “the truth” of the matter alleged to be defamatory.


As an admitted adulterer and sexual predator, The Don would have about as much of a chance of winning a libel lawsuit against the Times as Charlie Manson would in suing the LA Times and/or the San Francisco Chronicle for libeling him by calling him a degenerate murderer.


And if The Don does sue the New York Times, you can be assured that his deposition testimony will seal his fate as the serial predator and pervert (PP) that he clearly is.


Lastly, since The Don is all about enriching himself at everyone else’s expense, he should be willing to have his deposition aired on closed circuit television. In fact, the Times could hire Michael Buffer to announce the beginning of the proceedings by saying, “Let’s get ready to Rumble.”

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