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Donald Trump supporters “Stand by their Man”

In the face of repeated reports that Donald “Trumporleone” Trump has sexually assaulted numerous women over the years and his admission on a Hollywood Access tape of so acting, many, many of his female fans continue to support him.


Of course it is difficult to understand how any woman could support someone who openly brags about grabbing women by the pussy and walking unannounced into the dressing rooms of pageant contestants, some as young as 15-years-of-age.


In an effort to show their undying support of The Don, it has been alleged that they leaned on Willie Nelson to redo the Tammy Wynette hit “Stand by your Man” in honor of the Don. The new rendition goes something like this.


Sometimes it’s hard to be a real man

Giving all your love to just one woman

Young girls will have bad times

And I’ll have me some good times

Doing things y’all just don’t understand


But if y’all love me you’ll forgive me

Even though I’m hard to understand

And if y’all love me oh be proud of me

‘cause after all I’m just a man


Stand by your man,

Give him two young girls to cling to

And some warm p***y to grab onto

When he’s horny and lonely at night



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