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2010 Oscar Nominees for Best Performance as a “Judicial Moron”

Congratulations to….
To the 2010 Oscar Nominees for best
Performance as a “Judicial Moron”
The following Judges/Justices have been nominated for the 2010 “Judicial Moron” Award by members of the Academy of Certified Morons (ACM).
During the nominating process, ACM’s Board of Directors placed a limit on the I.Q. of any and all nominees. This limitation prohibited consideration of any judge/justice with provable I.Q’s approaching triple-digits (80 or higher). 
In an effort to be excruciatingly fair to all of the deserving Judicial Morons due to the intense competition, we’ve decided to allow for the nomination of five (5) judges for the “best Supporting Performance as a Judicial Moron.” Those lucky nominees will be listed after the 10 nominees for best performance. And the nominees are:
  1. Chief Justice Robin Jean Davis of West Virginia
  2. Judge Ronald Sohigian of Los Angeles
  3. Judge Diane Moriarty of Quincy, Massachusetts
  4. Judge Brian Pierce of Muncie, Indiana
  5. Judge Stephen Shelton of Tacoma, Washington
  6. Judge James Mason of Columbus, Ohio
  7. Judge James Justin of Jackson, Michigan
  8. Judge Teresa Carr Deni of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  9. Justice Michael Gableman of Madison, Wisconsin
  10. Judge Curtissa Cofield of Hartford, Connecticut
Nominees for Best Supporting Performance as a “Judicial Moron”
  1. Judge Joe Garza of McAllen, Texas
  2. Judge Maryesther Merlo of Allentown, Pennsylvania
  3. Judge Paul Hawkes of Tallahassee, Florida
  4. Judge Carlos Calderon of Ballston Spa, New York
  5. Appeal Judge Robert Blair of Ontario, Canada
We’re hopeful to be in a position to announce the winners in the Moron category sometime during the first week of March 2011 after all the votes are tallied.
Congrats and Good Luck to all these outstanding nominees; keep up the good work! We should let everyone know of your award winning accomplishments as certified morons, halfwits, imbeciles, ignoramuses and simpletons,
The Dawg~
Folsom, California
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