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2010 Oscar Nominees for Best Performance as a “Judicial Thief”

Congratulations to….
To the 2010 Oscar Nominees for
Best Performance as a “Judicial Thief
The following Judges/Justices have been nominated for the 2010” Award by members of the Academy of Certified Degenerates and Crooks (ACDC).
ACDC members were asked to evaluate the nominee’s accomplishments and standing among his/her peers in the community of thieves and crooks prior to casting their all-important votes. And the nominees are:
  1. Judge Stephen Yarbrough of Toledo, Ohio
  2. Judge Willis Berry, Jr. of Newark, New Jersey
  3. Judge Askew Gatewood, Jr. of Baltimore, Maryland
  4. Judge June Rose Galvin of Cleveland, Ohio
  5. Judge Barbara Mobley of Decatur, Georgia
  6. Judge Ernest Marraccini of Pittsburg, Pennsylvania
  7. Judge Ben Hardin of Angleton, Texas
  8. Judge Mario Ramirez of
  9. Judge Jeffrey Brown of Houston, Texas
Suffice it to say that the competition involving the aforementioned thieves and crooks was quite intensive as they went about building up their credentials as degenerate crooks and thieves.
We’re hopeful to be in a position to announce the winner of this prestigious Oscar sometime during the first week of March 2011 after all the votes are tallied.
Congrats and Good Luck to all these outstanding nominees; keep up the good work! We should let everyone know your award winning accomplishments as a crook and a thief.
The Dawg~
Folsom, California
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