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South Dakota; Birthplace and Citadel of Honest and Competent Judges

The records of the South Dakota Supreme Court clearly indicate that its judges are to honesty, competence and integrity what Ivory Soap is to purity.
On Feb 5, 2011, Andrea J. Cook, staff writer for the Rapid City Journal reported that for the first time in its 121-year history, the South Dakota Supreme Court will decide if a sitting judge should be removed from the bench.
That’s one-hundred-twenty-one years Boyz and Girls! It took that long for the Supreme Court to discover a judge in South Dakota that engaged in egregious misconduct that would even warrant his removal from the bench.
The Rapid City Journal further reported that J. Crisman Palmer (no relation to the Dawg) who is the chairman of the Judicial Commission said the commission’s recommendation to remove 7th Circuit Judge A.P. “Pete” Fuller from the bench is “a first.”
Are the folks in South Dakota lucky or what? I mean having the purest of the pure sitting on the bench is like really cool if ya know what I mean.
Do any of y’all really believe that of the several hundred judges sitting in South Dakota over the past 121 years that, not even one engaged in egregious misconduct warranting his/her removal from or suspension from the bench? I didn’t think so!
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