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Class Action Plaintiff’s attorneys; greedy and unethical  


Many years ago, practicing Judicial Misfits, opined that it was valid for Attorney Misfits to pursue Class Action lawsuits against manufacturers.
This abomination resulted in frivolous lawsuits (is there another kind?) based on the following hyperbolic (BS) damage claims:
McDonald’s is responsible for causing my son/daughter to be a fat slob
My Mesothelioma (asbestosis) claim occurred because my nephew worked at the Johns Manville plant in Toledo, Ohio
I’ve been diagnosed with Lung Cancer (second hand smoke) because my neighbor (lives six blocks away) smoked Camels for 40 years
What’s next for these greedy and immoral opportunists? Can we expect that they’ll file frivolous class actions lawsuit claiming the following damages?
  1. Suing Jack Daniels for becoming an alcoholic
  2. Suit v. Trojan Corp. for unwanted offspring
  3. Lawsuit v. the late Johnny Holmes because some feller was a little short in satisfying his spouse
  4. Class action lawsuit v. the Bellagio casino for gambling losses
Suffice it to say that these losers would likely sue their parents for failing to take the time to teach them the true meaning of ethics!
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