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Attorney R. Joseph Hammill of Brunswick, GA; moron, bigot

Attorney R. Joseph Hammill unfortunately was presented with a law license in 1993. For several years, Hammill sat as a Circuit Court Judge in Glynn County, which is about 754 miles south of Savannah, Georgia.
Within days of Judge Hammill ascending to the bench, the Judicial Commission began to receive complaints about his egregious misconduct. Subsequently, the Judicial Commission found Judge Hammill guilty of the following:
  1. Incompetence in various areas of the law that is crucial to a judge’s duties
  2. Exhibited a cavalier disregard for the law when applied to his conduct
  3. Lacks judicial temperament and decorum
  4. Bounced at least 45 checks written on account with insufficient funds
  5. Denied litigants their due process rights to counsel and a hearing
  6. Made demeaning and/or racist comments to litigants
Judge Hammill’s Demeaning/Racist Comments
  • When a woman asked Hammill for a protective order re: a man who was harassing her, he denied it and told her not to worry because “if he kills you, we’ll get him.”
  • When an elderly African-American man appeared before him and the possibility of community service was brought up by Hammill, the said his advanced age might prevent him from doing certain kinds of work. Judge Hammill responded by telling him he would not “be outdoors doing physical labor like picking cotton.”
Hammill had the chutzpah to claim that his comment to the African-American about “picking cotton” wasn’t meant to demean and/or show he held a bias against him because of his race.
Subsequently, the Georgia Supreme Court ordered that Hammill be tossed from the bench.
As we speak (ca. Feb 2011) this certified loser continues to practice law at 904 G Street in Brunswick, George. What a joke!
Why wasn’t this loser’s law license revoked?
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