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People for the Unethical Treatment of Attorneys (PUTA)®

PUTA works hard to prevent attorneys from being captured, confined, broken, and abused for the amusement of their victims.  
PUTA'S History
People for the Unethical Treatment of Attorneys (PUTA) is a national organization which is based in Franklin County (Columbus), Ohio.
Founded in 1997, PUTA operates under the simple principle that attorneys are not ours to criticize experiment on, or use for entertainment. PUTA educates policymakers and the public about attorney abuse and promotes an understanding of the right of all attorneys to be treated with disrespect. 
Historic Cases
PUTA has been responsible for such breakthroughs as the closure of the largest attorney breeding facility in the United States. USA Today reports, "PUTA" has had an enormous effect on the way people mistreat attorneys."
Other accomplishments:
PUTA was victorious over the Ford Motor Corporation, which for more then ten years had conducted crash tests on attorneys, pigs and ferrets.
PUTA'S undercover investigation of painful hemorrhoid experiments on attorneys by their victims at The University of California at Davis School of Veterinary Medicine led to charges by the American Bar Association of 28 violations of the Attorney Welfare Act. Unfortunately, the experiments were stopped when the proctology department closed.
PUTA released undercover photographs and videotapes showing attorneys being violently forced-fed ethical rules in Ohio, resulting in the first-ever police raid on an Ethical Attorney-Breeding Farm in Licking County.
In another precedent-setting case, a Kentucky victim of attorney misconduct was charged with cruelty after a PUTA investigator filmed her electrocuting attorneys by clipping wires to the attorneys' genitals.
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