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Is Donald "Trumporleone" Trump a little short where it counts?


Ever since Marco “Little Marco” stated that The Don “Trumporleone” Trump was disqualified from being President because he had “small hands,” everyone knew what Little Marco was really talking about.


Of course it didn’t take long for The Don to rebut Little Marco’s “small hands” claim by stating that he was not short-handed so to speak.


During a recent (mid-August 2016) press conference in Florida, The Don was asked about his alleged shortcomings from a physical standpoint and claims of impotent. The questionnaire simply asked The Don:


"Is is true Donald that you have a small or petite penis and that have trouble getting it up?"


Rather than verbally respond, The Don merely pointed to a light switch on a wall behind the podium, which is depicted below. 


This should leave no doubt in anyone’s mind at this stage of the proceedings that Little Marco was correct when he stated that The Don not only had “little hands," but that he also suffered from "limpitis."


And lastly, I think the time has come for The Don to offer Little Marco an apology for saying he was a damn liar as it relates to him being a little short on the draw


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